ABOUT OUR LEAGUE   Welcome Letter 2016-2017
The Principles of the Rockville Centre Over 40 League are Sportsmanship and Camaraderie.  While the League is designed to be competitive, each player is expected to abide by and demonstrate these Principles.  

Basketball experience in the League ranges from players with no organized play to High School varsity experience and up to college team play.  The League is open to residents of Rockville Centre who will be at least 40 years of age as of January 1 for the season the player is registering for.  A drivers license is required as proof of age and residency.  Registration is held in the Recreation Center in the Fall.  

The season generally runs from early January to the end of March–early April.  Games are held at the Recreation Center on Sunday evenings and at South Side Middle School on Thursday evenings.  

The League consists of a number of teams determined by gym availability and enrollment. Ten players are assigned to each team. If enrollment exceeds the number of available spots, new players are put into a blind lottery from which names are drawn. New players who do not get assigned to a team initially are placed on a Waiting List. These players are then assigned to teams during the season as space becomes available. All players play at least half a game. The games are officiated by qualified high school referees.

The idea for the RVC Over 40 Basketball League germinated in a conversation during the CYO Coaches Game in November of 1991. John Friedermann had a gym and Bob Bonagura had an idea. If the coaches could play in November, why couldn’t they also play 6 or 8 times after the New Year?

The first game was played on January 29, 1992 in the South Side Middle School gym.48 players were divided into 4 Teams. Players had to be at least 40 years of age. The games were competitive and great fun.

Word spread so fast that it was necessary to field 6 teams the following season. The League was becoming the “Talk of the Town” and the envy of 40 & 50 year olds all over the Metropolitan area. The RVC Over 40 League Waiting List started to grow as well

In Season 3 “Mr. B”, Tony Brunetta, helped the League to schedule some Prime Time Sunday Night games, which eventually permitted further expansion.

Around the year 2000, the League expanded to 8 Teams and still had a Waiting List! What was originally a $2000 budget had exceeded $12,000. Games were being scheduled 2 Nights a week and the competition was improving. Thirty Somethings were staying in shape with the “OFL” as their main objective. 40 and 50 year olds were in far better shape than when the League started.

In 2001-2002, the League started to take on a bit of a charitable tone after the 911 tragedy. The League also became more “fraternal”. Beers after the game became as important as the games themselves. Organizations like Wounded Warrior Project, EMS and Cystic Fibrosis became darlings of the League and its players.

A group of 14 players and one Coach ventured to the Emerald Isle in 2010 to play in an overseas Tournament to benefit Cystic Fibrosis. $7,500 was raised in 2012 for Wounded Warriors and recently in conjunction with the Riverside P.T.A. and the Community Fund, 3 Fund Raisers were held to benefit a young man stricken with Cancer. The League also played an exhibition game with the WFAN All Stars at St. Agnes in 2002 to benefit WFAN Charities.

All of this was possible because a bunch of guys and one woman loved the game of Basketball. The Love of the game is so deep that some of the “Originals” still play while others coach, keep score or officiate.

None of this would have been possible without the help of the Community at large, our sponsors, our Referees, the REC and the Schools. People like Tim Brennan, who was the Internet before it was invented, Jim Kelly, Dan Melia, Mr. B and Bill Faraday, the Co-Commissioner, and a “Love of the Game” made the OFL the success it is today.


Welcome to the Over 40 Basketball League 2017 Season, celebrating our 26th season! 

Enclosed you will find a roster (website updated as well), a schedule and the leagues rules.  We will play on Sundays at the Recreation Center and on Thursdays at South Side Middle School. The Principles of the Rockville Centre Over 40 League are Sportsmanship and Camaraderie.  While the League is designed to be competitive, each player is expected to abide by and demonstrate these Principles.


If you are unable to attend a game, please contact your Team Representative or another member of your team.  If you get hurt, or are not able to play for other reasons, please notify your Team Rep or one of us listed below.  We have expanded to 14 teams this year.    It is possible that rosters may be adjusted during the year.

 We ask all of you, returning and new players, to read carefully the League Rules.  While we follow high school rules in general, we do have some exceptions to those rules.  Two important differences that you should take note of are:

 -          There is a no pressing rule, see enclosed for details.  Failure to comply will result in a warning from the referee and a second occurrence will result in a Technical Foul.

 -          The League has a three tiered Technical Foul Penalty which can lead to a fine, a suspension and, on the third technical foul, dismissal from the League.  Players receiving three technical fouls cumulatively, within a single season or across multiple seasons, will be ineligible to play in the Over 40 League.

The purpose of this rule is to maintain the balance between our competitive spirit and the recreational aspect of this league.  Some example behaviors that will result in a technical foul include: repeated failure to drop back in accordance with the No Pressing rule; holding the ball or other actions that interrupts play; swearing after a referee’s call; arguing with referees; and fighting.  While we prefer that no technical fouls be assessed, we will enforce the rule.  

 The School District and the Recreation Center have requested that we do not allow unattended children into the Middle School or Recreation Center.  So, if you plan to bring children to the games they must be accompanied by another adult and they must remain in the bleachers at the Recreation Center and in the balcony at the Middle School.  Children must not be allowed on the court or in the halls of the school or outside the gym at the Recreation Center.   As many of you know, our gym time is already very restricted and difficult to get so we request your assistance in meeting the requirements of our agreements with the Rec Center and the School District.


Once again, welcome to our new players and a welcome back to our returning.  We wish everyone a successful and healthy Over 40 League season.




Bob Bonagura                                                                                    Bill Faraday

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W:  516 745 8840                                                                                              

Email bbonagura@aol.com                                                          Email Bill.Faraday@gmail.com