RVCBL Sophomore Coaches

Sportsmanship Award



This award is presented annually by the Commissioners and Referees of the Sophomore Division.  Those selected to receive this Award best exemplify the Sportsmanship and Team Concept of The Rockville Centre Basketball League and best passed those qualities on to their players throughout the season.

Year Girls Boys


Eugene Peck

Ken Hoefer

2009-2010 Tom Gallego Don Lupo
2010-2011 Phil Frank Matt Sautner
2011-2012 Paul Barrett Rod McWalters
2012-2013 Steve Verga Mark Perocolosi
2013-2014 Matt Fitzgerald Kevin Kennedy
2014-2015 Mike Haynes Lance Erickson
2015-2016 Tom Gallego Mike Perna
2016-2017 Mary Miller and Hilary McDevitt Dave DeMilt