Irving Matloff

In 1955, Irving Matloff and two of his friends formed the “Little Basketball League”.  The league was formed to promote participation and foster the values of good behavior, leadership and loyalty.  In 1959, the league became the Boys Basketball League, and the program was the model for other communities on Long Island.  Sportsmanship, tolerance and camaraderie were emphasized and self-esteem was important long before its later recognition.  The “rules” were often sent to towns like Bellmore, Massapequa, Wantagh and Islip, and to towns in New Jersey.

                Mr. Matloff served as President, Commissioner and Treasurer.  He solicited sponsors, coordinated schedules and helped the league expand immensely.  He fostered an atmosphere where the well coordinated learned to play with those who were not natural athletes and vice versa.  He set the theme of equal playing time, competitive but tolerant play, and sportsmanship.  Fun, appreciation of others, participation and learning were the goals of the league.  Trophies and other awards were plentiful.  Irving died in 1996 in Nevada.  In his honor, and for the direction he and his peers provided during the early development of the league and its philosophy, we are proud to announce the winners of the Irving Matloff Award for Sportsmanship:

Season Boy Girl
1996-1997 Mike Douyon Sarah Gaffney
1997-1998 Joe Constantin Tracey Anderson
1998-1999 Tim Shirmacher Jacqueline Kelly
1999-2000 Timothy Mayer Colleen Thorp
2000-2001 Dan Rooney Christine Abrams
2001-2002 Chris Rooney Loreen Lawrence
2002-2003 Michael Sullivan Jacqueline Kelly
2003-2004 Mike Brown Laura Bruzzo/Meghan Kirrane
2004-2005 Ryan Wolff Victoria Palumbo
2005-2006 Steve Serling Kelly McNoble
2006-2007 Timothy Magee Brittney Bannon
2007-2008 Joseph Abrams Jenna DiIorio
2008-2009 Christopher Perryman Melanie Franco
2009- 2010 Michael Bruno Kim Cracovaner
2010-2011 Michael Tighe Olivia Paone
2011-2012 Michael Schuermann Katherine Arana
2012-2013 Jack Waxon Alison Agogolia
2013-2014 Michael Nunziato Jessica Fredsall
2014-2105 John O'Shea  
2015-2016 Joseph Casavecchia Madeline Sautner
2016-2017 John Grandazza